HOW TO ARRIVE BY CAR AND WALK TO APARTMENT HOTEL CASA DE LA BORREGA We are in a pedestrian area, it is VERY IMPORTANT read that before starting your trip carefully read these instructions.We are located in C / Correo Viejo 6-9, 29680 Estepona (Malaga) These indications are valid if you arrive at our apartments by TAXI or walking, offer these to Mr. TAXISTA if you want or need it.
You have 4 public parking areas

• 2 parking on Avenida España
• 1 Parking on Avenida Juna Carlos I
• 1 Parking on Plaza Antonia Guerrero

You can also park your car around historical center for free, but keep in mind to park in a white line, not in blue or yellow line

We recommend that you park your car and walk to the door of the Casa de la Borrega in case you need to leave your bags follow the following instructions:

You have two options to get to the door of CASA DE LA BORREGA by car.

Follow the Red line on EVERY itinerary.

OPTION 1 Drive on Avenida España towards CADIZ, turn right on Viento Street
, turn right on Castillo Street, turn left on Santa Ana Street, turn right on Manzanares Street, go down to Terraza Street and turn left towards Veracruz Street, then turn left on Huerto Street, go straight, the building opposite is CASA DE LA BORREGA.

OPTION 2 Drive along the ANDALUCIA avenue, turn left towards Valencia avenue, turn right towards Goya street , turn left onto terrace street , go down to where you can drive. Once here, you can park in the parking Antonia Guerrero square or turn right towards Papuecas street then turn left towards Huerto, street continue straight until you reach the end of the street where you can see the facade of the CASA DE LA BORREGA.

We recommend that you park your car and walk to the door of the Casa de la Borrega

You can find us in southern Spain on the beautiful Costa del Sol, almost bordering the province of Cadiz, in the province of Malaga, right by the Strait of Gibraltar and less than 45 minutes away from Malaga Airport.

LA CASA DE LA BORREGA is situated in this wonderful town of the Malaga province, between the port of Sotogrande and neighbouring the town of Marbella.

Estepona is well known for its beaches and mountains, but primarily for its people, with over than 21 km of coastline that outline its majestic mountain, known as ‘Sierra Bermeja’ (literally the Red Mountain), which has one of the few parks ‘Pinsapos’ (Spanish firs) that make of the place an attractive spot, a real paradise unique in Europe.

On the Costa del Sol, at the foot of the mountain of Sierra Bermeja and facing the Mediterranean Sea, is Estepona. Situated between the airports of Málaga and Gibraltar, the city shows a marked cosmopolitan character, while retaining the charm of the Andalusian tradition.
Enjoys warm summers and mild winters, characteristic of southern Europe. Ideal for those looking for fun, sun and the beach; business conventions in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere; relaxation and wellness to rejuvenate during your stay.
Estepona is the answer to the most demanding expectations of our visitors.